Monday, March 19, 2007

March Updates

Wow, it’s been a while since I updated this. I’ve been recovering from my injury at the Toxaway. My hearing is back to normal and my head is finally back in the game. I still don’t have a paddle because I didn’t have enough saved to replace the one I broke this winter, so I pulled out my handpaddles and breakdown, took advantage of the unseasonably nice weather we've had lately in WNC, and had fun this month on some low-water stuff. All photos by Casey Jones.

Triple Falls

School has been keeping me busy and I need rest when I can get it, so Saturday, the 17th, I slept in and missed Jerry’s Baddle over on the Green, so I went to Triple Falls for the afternoon instead. I’d never been there before but wanted to go for a couple of years, so I guess it was time. It wasn’t the Toxaway but it was good to get back on some quality Transylvania County bedrock. What a playground! I spent a couple of hours paddling, trying different lines, and shooting photos with my brother. As the pictures show (and as my back reminds me), my stomp is in need of repair. I’ll be back over there to work on technique next time I can make it!


March 8th was my 18th birthday, so as I was on Spring Break and didn’t have anything going on in the middle of the day, I headed up to the Cullasaja, which was running at a tame 3.5’, for some fun with handpaddles. I haven’t done much handpaddling before but because the temperature was in the high 70’s, I couldn’t resist getting out despite the low-water. Here are a couple of shots at T-Bone on the Middle.

Hopefully more to come soon!


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